Thankyou all for your attendance! It was beautiful!

In this 6-day Visionary painting seminare Daniel & Ainhoa will guide you in finding your inner vision and how to paint this in the Misch-technique, known for its unique qualities of light and color.

Learn the Misch-Technique

The Misch-technique was revived in the 20th century by the primary artist of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, Ernst Fuchs.

The mischtechnik is widely appreciated within the visionary art movement as a technique which lends itself perfectly to the depiction of inner realms, visions and dreams.

What is so unique about this technique, is its ability to bring forward a wonderful play of light and color in your painting.

It is a great step-by-step inroad into deep, classical, time-tested principles of oil painting.

Daniel studied directly with the masters Ernst Fuchs and Birgid Marlin, both icons in their work with the Misch-technique. He will help you start bringing your own visions and inner realms forward with this wonderful technique.

Learn to paint your own vision

In our six day group journey, you will learn to bridge meditation with painting craft, bringing you closer through the spiritual practice of art to the world of symbols and archetypes.

Our emphasis will be on developing personal empowerment to create your own pictures. Learning how to see, and ‘learning how to learn’; so you can develop your full artistic potential.

  • Find your own vision for your paintings and receive the empowerment to express it.
  • Balance the craft of painting with the rich inner dimensions.
  • Connect to the spiritual lineage of sacred art and its potential to guide and inspire you in your artistic process.
  • Learn the spritual and creative practices to help you see within and discover the artwork that want to be born.
  • Discover your own sacred vision and how to bring it forward through your painting.

Learn the traditional, time-tested technique to bring forward your vision:

  • work with the Misch technique that allows you to bring forward beautiful qualities of light and color in your work.
  • Use best practices in skill and material to make beautifull artwork that will endure time.
  • Manipulate painting mediums for their unique purposes and learn about pigments.
  • Make paint, both egg tempera, tempera grassa varients, soffio tempera, and oil paint
  • work with underpainting, the importance of value modelling and glazing
  • Problem solving, making corrections (pentimento) and evolving compositions.

A course for both beginners as advanced painters in a rich, supportive circle
Daniel is known for his ability to guide both beginning as advanced painters to their next level of creativity and skill. In this summer-intensive, we will experience painting as a meditative practice, as well as learning traditional time-tested approaches to manifesting our vision in paint.