Thankyou all for sharing this journey into Beauty!

Visionary Art Bali Quest September 2018

Join a group journey to create, paint, relax & explore this September

This September we will be embarking on a week long group journey into visionary art within the heart of Ubud, rich with the incredibly artistic traditional culture. We are gathering for 8 days of guided visionary art painting and other activities.

Creativity – Stimulating Vision

The group will be limited to 13. We will gather in a beautiful studio space, to empower our creativity and explore deeper the techniques and meditative dimensions of visionary art. The wonderful Ubud provides inspiration rich with temples, spa, nature, and galleries.

We shall study and learn the ways of modern and ancient visionary art masters. This is a course of art. Previous students will be given new and more advanced lessons and material whereas new students will start with the inspiring course of fundamentals:

VISIONARY ART – Mischtechnik ( the combination of egg tempera with oil paint) as taught by Ernst Fuchs, Brigid Marlin, & Matti Klarwein. This will be instructed by Daniel Mirante from The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art (see, and Ainhoa Neith of Visionary Art India and Lasse Topberg teaching and sharing their techniques.

ART TECHNIQUES – Underpainting, Imprimatura, Decalcomania, Chiaroscuro and more classical methods.

ANCIENT CRAFT – Glazing Glaze Mediums Pigments and lakes Color theory.


PDF includes more detailed information on course curriculum, teachers, location and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a painting retreat like?

Our courses are guided by experienced teachers. The group embarks on a supportive journey of learning. We approach our main personal piece through structured lessons that help each person develop confidence in fundamentals. Part of this is through guided visualisations and meditations through practice pieces and studies that strengthen our visionary capacities.

What will we learn?

Inner and outer time-tested methods. We will study principles handed down by masters, which open up our understanding of how to approach painting and composition. We will learn the venerable mischtechnik process which allows for paintings of rich luminosity, depth and complexity. Learning to pay close attention to the light and dark of the piece in order to achieve the effects of depth and volume in our work.

Do I have to be experienced in drawing or painting?

You are not expected to have any experience with drawing or painting. However some preparation before the course will really help you make the most of your time. We provide guidance documents for this and email consultation.

Painting is constant growth and exploration in the art and its never ending. We hope you can join us for what promises to be a legendary adventure of inspiration.