Modern craft and ancient tradition

Art Visionary is a global network akin to the ancient ‘silk road’ of travelling artists, storytellers, pilgrims and carriers of song and story. Across the world artists are connecting to share and manifest visions of the profound and sacred.

Art Visionary is dedicated to encouraging this connectivity, vision-sharing and preservation of modern craft and ancient tradition, through publications, workshops, exhibitions and retreats.

Interested in Collaboration?

We are on the lookout for talented individuals to join and contribute to the growth of our network. Whether your skills are in visual art, art management, pr, theory and research, we are interested to hear from you. Please use the contact page to get in touch.

Core Faculty

Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante artist and teacher Daniel Mirante is a painter, explorer and teacher dedicated to expressing a creative vision of human life and the world, deep with mystery and the play of archetypal and mythological forces.

Daniel has exhibited widely across the visionary art world and beyond. His work appears in several international collections and publications as well as in temples in the UK and South America. He also embraces new avenues of creative expression including leading global culture festivals Burning Man (USA), Rainbow Serpent (Australia) and Boom (Europe). His interest in visionary and sacred art was and continues to be strongly influenced by intensive spiritual work within indigenous cultures and mystical lineages. Meditation, ceremony, nature, plants, and human relationship are his deep wellsprings for his art.

Daniel was mainly self-taught, until 2012, when he studied mischtechnik in Vienna with Ernst Fuchs, the founder of Fantastic Realism and teacher of Mati Klarwein and Robert Venosa. Daniel was the master’s last apprentice. Later, he studied with Timea Tallian, a painting restorer and conservator at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This gave him footing in traditional old masters techniques, whilst embracing new technologies as tools of expressing creativity.

Daniel believes the circle is complete when experience is transmitted to the next generation. His teaching style is highly regarded by his contemporaries and students. He has taught at the Tobias School of Art Therapy UK, is a founding faculty member and teacher (alongside contemporaries such as Amanda Sage, Autumn Sky and Oleg Korolev) with The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, teaches at the Visions in the Mischtechnik seminars in Italy, pioneered visionary art workshops in Australia with Art In Paradise, conducts classes in Belgium at the Anam Cara healing centre, and most recently held workshops with Ainhoa Neith with Visionary Art India.

Ainhoa Neith

Ainhoa Neith artist and instructorAinhoa Neith was born in Madrid, Spain, but grew up in Rome, Italy. She grew up with a strong affinity to art and nature, dreaming and imagining worlds through painting and drawing.

Her education and career in Fashion Design and Digital Design took her across Europe, South America and Asia, where she spent over 10 years in India where she taught and directed curriculum at a well respected fashion, art and design university.

Her personal art is largely themed around energy and self-transformations, evoking the hidden worlds of nature, constellations, spirits, cosmic energy and ancient civilisations, informed by her readings about science, history and astronomy, which has influenced her style. Ainhoa continues to develop her craft through a broad variety of media such as oil, tempera, pastel, airbrush and acrylics.

In 2017 she organised the first Visionary Art India workshop series in Mumbai which was attended by residents of Mumbai who have continued to practice their learnings in visionary art and Mischtechnik. In Spring 2018 she was involved in running art residencies in Goa, India, for emerging visionary artists. Throughout 2018 she taught sacred art and traditional painting in Belgium and Bali, Indonesia.

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