Whether or not you are new to art and painting, it makes no difference – this journey is designed to initiate the Creator inside of everyone

This course transmits the traditions and techniques of the ancient lineage of sacred art and unites with our new visions, to give you the means for self-expression to share with the world.


3×3 days at Gallery Cosmosis, Byron Bay, adding up to a 9 day course

  • 2 – 4 November
  • 9 – 11 November
  • 16 – 18 November

The Course

Dear Artist,
This November we will be embarking on 3 x 3 day weekend group journeys into visionary art in Byron Bay, for guided visionary art painting and other activities.

We will gather in a studio & gallery space to empower our creativity and explore deeper the techniques and meditative dimensions of visionary art. We shall study and learn the ways of modern and ancient visionary art masters.

This is an information-rich course of art and craft. Previous students will be given new and more advanced lessons and material whereas new students will start with the inspiring course of fundamentals.

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Module 1.A : Fundamentals for new students : Mischtechnik

Mischtechnik , as well as being a powerful, venerable technique, is a fantastic way to enter into layered or glazed approaches to painting because of the inspiring ‘step-by-step’ process involved.

That said, many times the fundamental principles of the technique are often overlooked or unexplained. The way we will approach mischtechnik is by thorough explanation and exploration of the principles of optical grays & optical color mixing, through which the fundamentals may be grasped and many variations and experimental approaches can be glimpsed.

Learning Objectives

  • Historical overview of mischtechnik
  • Understanding of contemporary mischtechnik and variants
  • Development of conceptual and practical understanding of the fundamental principles of the technique
  • Habituation with brushwork and mediums involved in the technique
  • A sense of empowerment and ability to pursue technique and problem solve independently
  • Underpainting, Imprimatura, Decalcomania, Chiaroscuro and more classical methods.
  • Glazing Glaze Mediums Pigments and lakes Colour theory.

Module 1.B : Advanced curriculum for experienced students: Tempera Grassa

Pietro Annigonni, exemplified more than anyone else through the 20th century the use of oily egg tempera, known as ‘Tempera Grassa’. It has been found in very recent scientific analysis of paintings that many 14th century masterworks such as Botticelli’s Prima Vera are not pure egg tempera but rather Tempera Grassa which goes a long way to explaining their scale, style of execution, and their condition.

Pietro Annigonni taught Charles Angel who went on to found schools including the Angel Academy of Florence, but unfortunately Pietro Annigonni’s methods are not taught there. It is through reconstruction from available resources and study from the old masters of the 14th century that we may begin to appreciate the working properties of this almost extinct approach to painting.

As opposed to the linearity of egg tempera, tempera grassa stands closer to oil paint and allows for both linear hatching AND sfumato/blending. For many people, hatching is not their preferred manner of brushwork and so tempera grassa opens up a whole wing of possibilities within the approaches known as ‘mischtechnik’.

  • Discovering the venerable qualities of the historical pigments
  • Deepening our understanding of the different varieties of egg tempera
  • Employing techniques which combine both hatching and sfumato (fumy, or smooth) techniques
  • Studying the manner by which flesh tones can be achieved in a layered technique
  • Exploring other forms of compositional and atmospheric techniques developed by the ancient lineages of painting

Costing & Other Details

Booking and reserving your place in advance is essential as course seats are limited!!!

You can book two ways:

  • Experience first 3 days for $300
    and choose to pursue full study of extra 6 days with additional payment of $500
  • $700 for 9 day course – Deposit : $400 non-refundable.
  • Seats are limited to 12 students on a first come first served basis.
  • Course instruction is intensive 7 hours a day with two attendant teachers.
  • A list of materials and preparatory info will be emailed to you on enrolment.
  • Non-residential.
  • Bring your own food – there are many shops and cafe’s in area.
  • There are two Art shops in short walking distance.

For bookings & more information
Email: info@artinparadise.com.au
Or ring Patti: 0431331205

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Daniel Mirante

Daniel MiranteDaniel Mirante is a visionary painter, explorer and teacher dedicated to expressing a creative vision of human life and the world, deep with mystery and the play of archetypal and mythological forces.
Daniel was mainly self-taught, until 2012, when he studied mischtechnik in Vienna with Ernst Fuchs, the founder of Fantastic Realism and teacher of Mati Klarwein and Robert Venosa.

He is a highly experienced space-holder for fun yet focused group creative journeys. His teaching style is highly respected by his contemporaries and students. He has taught at the Tobias School of Art Therapy UK, is a founding faculty member and teacher with The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, teaches at the Visions in the Mischtechnik seminars in Italy, taught regularly at Art In Paradise visionary art workshops in Australia and most recently held workshops with Ainhoa Neith with Visionary Art India and Art Visionary Bali.

Ainhoa Neith

Ainhoa NeithAinhoa Neith brings to the workshops her spirited love of art and painting. Ainhoa has dedicated herself to painting and endeavoured to create and develop and facilitate environments and events sharing this world, particularly to audiences who may never have encountered it before.

This lead her to hosting and co-teaching the first mischtechnik visionary art retreat in Mumbai, India. Then she worked to manage several artists in residency in Goa, India. She then held group space and taught in Anam Cara Healing Centre, Belgium, and then in Bali, Indonesia. She continues to be interested in pioneering and groundbreaking territories to expand visionary art into.

Her art continues to evolve with an ever growing focus upon the primordial traditions and profound personal dimensions underlying the work of the old and contemporary masters, researching sacred geometry, symbolism, myth, and methods and materials.

Patti Dragonfly

Patti is a painter & block printer working on canvas, fabric & paper. Patti has been pivotal in supporting visionary art in New South Wales and by extension Australia, through her permanent gallery, Gallery Cosmosis, as well as the Art In Paradise Project. Gallery Cosmosis has prints & original paintings from International & Australian Visionary Artists & is an Information Hub with links to Visionary Art news & workshops worldwide. See http://www.gallerycosmosis.com